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Essential resources and guidance for health care professionals working with diabetes technology.
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Before discovering PANTHER, I kind of just stumbled my way through the reports. These tools give me a focused way to be efficient and direct in analyzing them. The Control-IQ tool, in particular, has improved my practice. It’s now more efficient.

Taylor M. Triolo MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


Optimizing clinical care

Healthcare professionals in the diabetes field—from clinicians to educators—rely on the PANTHER Program® to keep them focused on delivering exceptional care, not mastering complex device instructions or wading through cumbersome reporting. They want to quickly compare the specific features and benefits of each automated insulin delivery system currently or soon-to-be available. They want to keep up-to-date on the best skincare solutions. And they want to use concise and focused point-of-care tools that dramatically streamline their clinical practices. 


The PANTHER Program, based out of the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, was founded by Laurel Messer, with those specific needs in mind.


Led by Cari Berget, the PANTHER Program leverages the experience of their team’s certified diabetes care and education specialists, endocrinologists, and researchers to distill down the most vital information needed for healthcare professionals to understand and work with diabetes devices. The PANTHER team collectively has over 100 years of experience with insulin pumps, CGM, and automated insulin delivery devices.

The PANTHER Program was named as a nod to Laurel's early career mentor Dr. H. Peter Chase and his Pink Panther book series legacy. 

A trusted source



Information based on our clinical experience and the scientific literature around diabetes device use. Our content is always our own.

Clinically validated

We extensively test our materials with healthcare providers, diabetes educators and other clinicians to make sure the content is useful, simple, and enhances clinical practice.


Timely and reliable

We often have years of expereince with devices prior to commercial launch, so are ready to share our knowledge near the time of commercial release.



How each system calculates insulin delivery


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Which parameters
can be 

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When users should  revert to traditional insulin pump settings

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Critical education points

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Key aspects of the sensor and sharing


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